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Gaby Abboud


Chicago based photographer Gaby Abboud has for years been photographing natural beauty found both within our landscape as well as the human form.  He has traveled throughout the United States and across the sea to capture expansive shots with no detail spared. He prides himself in utilizing the most advanced technology and equipment in all of his shoots to produce stellar images.


Recently Abboud has been focusing on a new series of figurative work entitled “Letting Go” which has its roots in the condition and effects of change.  Change as it relates to one’s lifestyle of choice, the relationships one chooses to hold dear, the self-destructive habits one wishes to break, the outward image we choose to show to the world versus the person we feel we are.

The images are self-explanatory, yet allude to intense inner thought processes that go into the physical acts of transformation.  To make a change, inevitable endings must occur for new beginnings to take shape.  This series is a departure from Abboud’s past work and stems from a change in outlook that the artist himself had to undertake.


A preview of work in Gaby Abboud's new series "Letting Go" will be on view for the first time at Art Depth’s 7th Annual.  You’ll also have a chance to meet the artist.

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