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Art Depth was founded in 2010 and produces experiential art events and exhibitions.  It also provides curatorial services, artist representation, marketing, programming and creative support. Promoting individual artists, organizations and select businesses as well as serving to increase awareness about current pressing issues is what Art Depth achieves through its specialty event production philosophy.  Each experience is one-of-a-kind, but all share the ultimate goal of inspiration, connection and creation among guests while at the same time being interactive and evolutionary from start to finish.

Once the event begins...

Guests are transported into another reality - whether arriving as an art aficionado, artist, part of the inspiration or a seemingly passive spectator, the surrounding atmosphere, interactivity and total experience will be art-making in its purest form.

Once the event ends...

​Art Depth changes the spaces we experience forever with the essence of art and energy that only the creative spirit can bring.   Although each guest will eventually step away, that energy remains - as new connections, new art and new beginnings take form.  

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