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Cheryl Postrozny

Photo credit: Gaby Abboud

Art Depth was founded by artist and creative visionary, Cheryl Postrozny. With the original goal of fostering serendipity among artists and art aficionados, its roots stem from an innate desire to inspire others to achieve their creative goals through one-of-a-kind events and win-win collaborations.  Art Depth currently functions as a real life portal and hub for artists, as well as a creative solutions provider for communities, organizations, businesses, schools and supporters of the arts.

"A conundrum wrapped in a paradox" is what Cheryl has been referred to by those who know her.  Highly creative yet analytical, a visionary, an idea generator and above all, super intuitive.  Although always identified by others as being an artist, Cheryl knew in her early teens that she wanted to carry her creative gifts into the business world.  She was amazed at the effect that great marketing and advertising could have on viewers to inspire action by mere exposure.  With that in mind, she began her career at BBDO, soon moving onto publishing and later merging her skills into this new arena she calls "experiential art and marketing".  The way she sees it, nothing compares to an all on immersive creative environment that peaks multiple senses.

Over the past few years, Cheryl has conceptualized, planned and produced Art Depth's Annual Events and exhibitions, showcasing both national as well as international talent.  She accepts invitations to bring the "Art Depth Experience” to both individuals' and businesses' events and celebrations.  Producing successful creative experiences for companies looking for exposure is one of Cheryl’s specialties. 


Focusing on community, representing local businesses, and giving attention to our youth are some of the things Cheryl is passionate about. She is regularly called upon to implement arts programming, curriculum and community outreach within and among various schools throughout Chicago.  Acting as a liaison to bridge gaps between the city's overprivileged and underprivileged teens is something she manages through carefully planned, sustainable art projects and meet-ups. 


In her spare time, Cheryl wears many hats including being an award-winning publisher, multi-media artist, curator and teacher.  She is passionate about the people, products and businesses that she loves, and she ceaselessly inspires creativity in anyone wishing for a break from reality or a renewed state of mind. 

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