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During Art Depth's 7th Annual, stop by Studio 108 (same level as the event) to view current work by the following artists whose inspiration is also derived from the concept of "change":

​- Paintings and installation art by Rachel Lechocki, an Art Depth 2015 Featured Artist

​- New work by Chicago-based artist Robert Stevenson, an Art Depth 2014 Featured Artist

- Work by Art Depth founder Cheryl Postrozny

While at the Zhou B Art Center, you will have an opportunity to visit countless studios of the Zhou B artist community as Art Depth's 7th Annual will take place during Open Studio Night.

October Workshops:

Transformational workshops led by Lechocki, including yoga and home cleansing / releasing negative energy will be held at or near the Zhou B Art Center throughout the month of October.  Check back as the event date draws near for more info.

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