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Bowl of Dust & Co.


Bowl of Dust & Co. is based in Chicago and has been recording and performing music throughout the US since 2010.  The project features songs written by Dandelion Lakewood and performed by him and various friends.  Dandelion's psychedelic pagan folk songs range in topics  from bacteria to goddesses and fantasy creatures.  All are encouraged to add to the sound by channeling their highest faerie elf selves.  BOD&C has released four EP's on the labels Dowager Records, Teen River and ZZZ Tapes. 


To find out more and hear samples, click here


Anna Soltys and the Familiar


Anna Soltys and the Familiar is a modern folk rock band with an entrancing new sound.  Anna is originally from Poland, spending her childhood there as well as Paris before heading to her self-proclaimed home, Chicago.  Her music is lyrical and poetic, filling the heart with an awareness of self that we all could use a little of.  Her unique vocal style and equally original music arrangements melt together into a fresh and soothing kind of unfamiliar "familiar."  Music that explores and embodies elements of pain, strength, honesty and sorrow.  From start to finish, lyrically driven simple melodies leave you with a sense of colorful melancholy.    


To find out more and hear samples, click here

Photo credit: Jyn Nagano


Pastel Fractal


Pastel Fractal is a project by artist Alexander DeGraaf that combines music and installation sculpture. The largest sculptures created and installed are architectural mock-ups and structural experiments with re-appropriated materials. On a smaller scale, platforms, tables, stands, and cases for the instruments and devices in his electronic music setup, which act as functional art used at every performance. The materials used to construct these sculptures are almost exclusively aluminum walkers and dated wall-hanging art of the pastel motif. In many works, motorized robotic components of the sculpture make sounds of their own that are synced with instruments by means of MIDI sequencing and decoding.



DJ RomaSoul

Romasoul (Maja Bijedić)  is originally from Sarajevo, and has resided in Chicago since 1995. Creating a mixture of global sounds, electronica and house music Dj RomaSoul aka Maja Bijedic has made people dance across a wide variety of venues in Chicago.  In early 2009, she founded the organization Cultural Con+Fusion which focuses on promoting and organizing Balkan and Eastern-European cultural and nightlife events in Chicago. These events include art exhibitions, live music, performances, films, and more. 


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