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Lady Jack



Lady Jack (Lindsey Marks) is a Chicago-based performance artist, a nationally-recognized burlesque performer and actress. Appearing in events such as the New York and New Orleans Burlesque Festivals, Beggar's Carnivale St Louis, and with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Lady Jack’s style is eclectic and spans everything from the most elegant Burlesque stripteases to the avant garde intrigue of conceptual performance art. Her work as a performance artist has been honored with multiple invitations to perform for TEDx Midwest, the Evermore with James Taylor, The MCA Chicago, and ArtFlux San Francisco. With a degree in theatre and extensive training in many styles of dance, Lady Jack is also a sought after instructor in the field of Burlesque.  For more information visit







photo credit: lpaghost

Scarlet Monk



Slow, deliberate, robust and raw.  Sober yet intoxicating, honest and electric. Laden with genre-defying elements that lend from spirits spanning from the womb of opera, through the heart of jazz, between the boundaries of chant and tinged with acoustic trip hop. Scarlet Monk is a brilliant new beauty mark on the face of a tired music scene.  Pure art is the forum whenever she ascends the stage. Her words come from her heart and find a home in yours. Ushered by a sensory message that doesn’t stop at her words, her performances immerse you in an alternate reality full of poetry and lacking in law. It’s not just a stage show, it’s theater.

photo credit: Jamal Jameel

Randi Russo



Chicago-based singer, songwriter and visual artist Randi Russo was born and raised in New York, before moving to Chicago in 2012.   There’s a toughness and tenderness in Randi’s songwriting and performances that has led to comparisons of New Yorkers Lou Reed and Patti Smith. The Village Voice has dubbed her as “guitar goddess,” saying “Randi’s someone to

keep your eye on.”  Her songs

deliver emotionally stirring

melodies, as her honest,

provocative lyrics cut deep.  

Her music ignites a fiery

sound that can flare up into

intense explosions of

emotion or simmer with a

calm fury. Cynicism meets

optimism in her "dark,

brooding outsider anthems, [with] brilliant lyrics, casually graceful charisma and a voice like bloodstained velvet." (Lucid Culture)  To read more about Randi Russo visit





Romasoul (Maja Bijedić)  is originally from Sarajevo, and has resided in Chicago since 1995. Creating a mixture of global sounds, electronica and house music Dj RomaSoul aka Maja Bijedic has made people dance across a wide variety of venues in Chicago.  In early 2009, she

founded the organization

Cultural Con+Fusion which

focuses on promoting and

organizing Balkan and

Eastern-European cultural

and nightlife events in

Chicago. These events

include art exhibitions,

live music, performances,

films, and more.  For more

info click here.


photo credit: TwoXstudios

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