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Anna Soltys

Anna Soltys is truly a multi-disciplinary artist.  An artist of the spoken and written word, a creator of building-sized dazzling cultural, iconic and community inspired mosaics, a heartfealt songwriter with a voice that melts one's heart and mind, an inspiring teacher, and painter of not just scenes, but scenic wonderments.  One cannot know this artist without being touched by her very presense and changed by her essence.  


How and why Soltys made the conscious change in her art from surrealistic dissection of the internal journey through interpretations of the ID, to an interest in capturing the essence of a physical space, is rooted in her love of travel, new spaces: internal and external, people and new relationships to other's and oneself.  An exploration in the space between the old and the new.  This new body of work, unlike her past work, is drenched in layers of color, illumination of the inner minds of memory.

On October 21st, at Art Depth's 7th Annual, Anna's new work will be on display for the first time, giving us a glimpse of what happens in our minds when we are away from familiar spaces and patterns, and able to capture a snapshot of the search for peace through the lessons and journey that is unique to each one of us.  She will also grace the event with her powerful words of wisdom relating to the concept of change.  

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