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Art Depth 2014
Sustainability & Urban Farming


Back in October of 2013 when we indicated our desire for this year's event to take place on a farm in Chicago, the response was unanimous!  With contorted expressions of disbelief, the immediate reply was "Good luck!  ...There is no farm in Chicago!  ...In the city?  ...Are you crazy?" 


Since then we've found out that there actually IS a farm in the city.  There are several!  And, through our discoveries, a passion has been ignited to bring forces together through Art Depth in order to increase awareness of some amazing programs happening in Chicago - efforts to transform the city's vacant land into lush acres.


Check back soon as this site will be updated to include several happenings - all focusing on sustainability here in Chicago, as well as announcing Featured Artists, businesses and organizations that in some way, shape or form are dealing with sustainability.






For more information about some of Chicago's current efforts, visit the links below:



This is a non-profit organization that converts city-owned property into farmland, as well as offering fresh produce each summer through their Community Supported Agriculture Program. 



Find out more about this amazing program and an interview with Ken Dunn - urban farmer and founder.  The goal is to convert approximately 80,000 vacant lots (that converts to about 40,000 acres!) into sustainable farming - actively producing and feeding the city of Chicago!




Read more on how Chicago is leading the world with America's largest sustainabile community and link up to the city's 2015 Action Agenda.


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