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A real life Goddess of Now:


Sarah Durham Wilson was a rock 'n roll journalist working for Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, VH1, GQ, and Interview Magazine. Lost in the debilitating fog of depression and addiction, her engagement to an indie rocker fell apart, she lost her job, and her dark night of the soul- which lead to a life-altering kundalini awakening- began. Sarah began to chronicle her intense spiritual awakening under the pen name DOITGIRL, when something magical and amazing started to happen- as she healed herself through her writing, she began to heal others as well. She now lives on Martha’s Vineyard where she teaches goddess- empowered yoga, leads healing women’s moon circles, practices reiki healing, and continutes to write about the incredibly vulnerable, visceral, and life-saving process of “waking up.” She believes that as we heal, we heal others, and we have to save ourselves to save the world. Her writing is her offering to the planet, as she heals and liberates herself, it is her authentic and earnest wish that women who read her work will do the same

Play this slideshow and visit the link below for more inspiration from DO IT GIRL...

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