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Fall Harvest (Art for Kids)


Last October, Art Depth invited area children as well as kids from the north side to step inside City Farm's 70th Street location for a chance to inspire, connect and create.  We heard the history of this location, learned about the sustainability projects in Chicago, and got a tour of the farm.  Last but not least - we created some awesome kids' art to decorate this new gathering spot! Check out #ArtDepth2014 on Instagram to take a look!


Select art made at and/or inspired by these farm tours will be transfered and incorporated into a permanent colorful and inspirational mosaic mural just outside the farm doors next to the 70th Street viaduct.  The scene of course will include urban farming!  We're partnering up with the amazing and inspirational team of Green Star Movement to achieve this goal, with the estimated unveiling date of October 2015. 


Any interest in having your school visit this farm for a tour, or for sponsorship inquiries including the opportunity to have your business logo embedded in a tile please contact


This farm is truly a hidden gem.  Walk just a few feet away and you too would be clueless of its existence.  If children hold the key to our future, let's give them information and inspiration for a bright future!  Even better, let's show them how to do it.


Submit your proposed image for the mural's main scene

by sending submissions to

(jpg format preferred, up to three designs, no larger than 1 MB each

Include your full name

and contact info!



This event has already passed.

For event photos check out our FB Page

or on IG check out #ArtDepth2014

Photo taken at City Farm's 70th Street Farm (Summer 2014)

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