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Art Depth is excited to introduce this new program which gives our dedicated artists, art collectors, friends and followers a chance to become more involved as well as to benefit from exclusive perks and private invitations.   Becoming a member also gives you an opportunity to show support.  Throughout Art Depth's first five years, event production and corresponding attendance continued to grow, yet remained free of charge.  Moving forward, Art Depth's annual events will request donations in order to offset the costs of production.  One of the benefits to becoming a member is that there will be free or discounted admission for Art Depth's annual events.  Scroll down to find out about more member privileges...





Basic Membership




Basic Member Privileges:


- Receive early "save-the-date" for Art Depth's Annual Interactive Art Party

As a member, you will receive a save-the-date as soon as party date(s) are finalized.  For the public this information is shared 2-3 months out; for members, you'll be notified six months to a full year ahead of time. 


- Attend Art Depth's Annual Event at a discounted rate, or at no-charge 

At Annual events requiring donations, your name will be added to the guest list - allowing free admission; at events requiring payment, your ticket will be discounted by half or by your annual member fee (whichever is greater).


- At RSVP-ONLY Annual Events, Art Depth will hold your reservation

In the likelihood that Art Depth's Annual Event is RSVP-Only, Art Depth will hold your reservation and add you to the guest list, guaranteeing your space.


- At Annual Events with limited capacity, your spot will be held and RSVP date extended

At certain annual events, space is of a concern.  At these events, RSVP is required by all guests including members.  For these special events, your RSVP date will be extended.


- Option to influence decisions pertaining to Art Depth's Annual

In the past, the planning of Art Depth's Annual Event has been a closed process.  As a member, you will have several opportunites to participate in the decision-making process - in effect allowing you to alter the outcome.

- Swag bags given at Annual Events will be saved for you (no matter how late you arrive!)

When swag-bags are given, you will be guaranteed yours, no matter how late you arrive!  These gifts are non transferable and you must be in attendance in order to claim yours.


- Members-only discounts and freebies

You may opt in to receive special discounts and freebies on behalf of our past and current sponsors.  One opportunity will be given each season, and we will diligently oversee each offer for its relevance and benefits.


- (For Artists) the opportunity to exhibit at Art Depth sponsored events and art shows

As long as your membership is in good standing, any application fees associated with submitting work for inclusion into curated exhibitions will be waived.  


- The opportunity to attend Art Depth's yearly social event (*for VIP members-only)

Only VIP members will be invited to attend this private event - the first to take place in December 2014.  This gathering will be smaller scale, yet will share Art Depth's mission of fostering an atmosphere of inspiration, connection and creation among guests.  Only members have the option to upgrade to VIP (upgrade is free).



* VIP Membership

In order to upgrade to VIP Membership (at no extra fee) first click on the link above and secure your basic membership.  Soon after, you will receive instructions on how to upgrade, which will require a recommendation and two seconders from current VIP members.  If you require assistance in contacting members, we will gladly assist you.  Art Depth does not discriminate in any way, shape or form and only follows this system in order to maintain a group that is composed of good people.  Basically, easy-going & friendly folks!







Commonly asked questions...




"Can I still attend Art Depth's events even if I do not become a member?"



Everyone is welcome to attend Art Depth's Annual Interactive Art Event (now in its fifth year) regardless of whether or not you become a member.  This annual event usually takes place around October and includes five full hours of inspiration, music, impromptu art-making, live entertainment, featured artists creating live, figure models and much more.  Each year the theme and location vary, making the experience one-of-a-kind.  Following this annual event is a curated show exhibiting select works made at and/or inspired by that year's theme.


Non-members cannot attend the VIP MEMBERS-ONLY event that will take place each year - completely separate from Art Depth's Annual.  Only by becoming a VIP Member will you be invited to attend this more exclusive group.




"How is a member's annual rate determined?"



Art Depth participates in a tiered dues system in order to promote fairness.

To view yearly fees, click here.


Active Members

Active Members are those who play an active role in the planning and/or production of Art Depth's events


Professional Members

Professional Members are artists active in the visual, literary or performing arts as well as creative professionals and designers


Curator & Academic Members

Curator & Academic Members are those employed by museums or universities as curators or teachers, as well as those who serve as Directors for art related institutions, non profits or galleries


Patron of the Arts

Patron of the Arts are those who are committed to the arts, but are not professionals in the field






Any additional questions about membership? 











"Good people tend to feed each other's souls, almost effortlessly."




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