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As one of Chicago's leading healers, he knows a thing or two about change and growth.  Growing up as a stutterer, at a very young age he was ridiculed by almost everyone.  With a seemingly hopeless future on the horizon, he worked hard to overcome his obstacles by channeling his anger into something positive - sports.  Using affirmations were instrumental in his success - leading to a career in professional football with the Dallas Cowboys, the Chicago Bears and New England Patriots. 


Having learned and gained awareness in accessing more than just the "physical experience,"  Philip focuses his life work on helping others do the same.  The tools and techniques used for his own transformation are the same tools he shares with anyone seriously interested in growth and development.  Many clients also come to him with interest in name changes, since discovering how the new name vibrates can be a key to knowing a soul's true path and nature.

Philip Clark

​Philip Clark will speak on the subject of CHANGE at Art Depth's 7th Annual.  Click here for details.  Find out what to expect seeing and experiencing in the upcoming year, and how to use this information for your own benefit and growth, as well as to live in alignment with your soul's purpose.

Philip is an artist of the soul and spirit realms.  He is a Numerologist with over 31 years of experience, as well as a Reiki Master - Teacher, a Transformational Reiki Master and a teacher of Meditative practices.

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