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Sally Jungblut

Sally Jungblut (last name pronounced "young-blood" lives up to her name with endless energy and optimistic attitude which is reflected in her art.

Jungblut has identified herself as being an artist since the tender age of three - whether through dance, textile art or scultpural materials.  Her current medium of choice is collage-making, but in an ultra contemporary new form.  Using materials which would otherwise end up discarded as well as her discriminent vision, she creates illusions reminiscent of dreamscapes from seemingly commonplace imagery.  When viewed by discerning eyes, Jungblut gets a kick out of art appreciators' reaction and awe when they find out how the works of art were created.   

Sally Jungblut's work will  be on view at Art Depth's 7th Annual, exemplifying  the notion of change as it relates to the creation of unique works of art - made entirely from seemingly finished and disposable images.

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