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Jyl Bonaguro, Alan Bovinett, Lauren Feece, Keith Gerling, Brigid KO, Liana Li, Yva Neal, Angelica Robles and Robert Stevenson

Jyl Bonaguro, "Fully Alive"  2013  oil on linen mounted on wood panel

 Jyl Bonaguro

"Relationships, Spatial and Otherwise"  2011

Artist Alan Bonaguro

Alan Bonaguro

(Functional Art; Recycle Bin for Cochella, 2014)


"Science Quietly Enters Nature From Behind"  (2009)

Chris Silva & Lauren Feece

Painting by artist Lauren Feece

Ketih Gerling

Ketih Gerling

Ketih Gerling

Brigid KO Designs

Artist: Liana Li

Artist: Yva Neal

Artist: Angelica Robles

Artist: Robert Stevenson

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