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11am - 4pm

City Farm Tours

Healing the Spirit of Chicago through Urban Farming

(Arrive before 2pm to view City Farm volunteers in-action)


Tours begin every hour on the hour.

  • Step out of the urban jungle and into a field of urban agriculture 

  • Feel the essence of real, pure food and farming 

  • View up close the "living installation" compiled by several Featured Artists

  • Absorb a unique view of Chicago's skyline while being immersed in green

  • Learn first hand from the farmer's founder how this farm came to be

  • Find out how you can get more involved in sustainability efforts


City Farm through its parent organization - The Resource Center - manages to successfully connect Chicago's north and far south sides through sustainability programs related to urban farming, recycling, re-using, composting and renewing.  This organization, with the help of its team, volunteers and local businesses, are able to complete the food cycle. 


"Agriculture not only heals our food system but can heal the spirit of the world." 

- Ken Dunn






11am - 4pm

Outdoor Art-Making, Living Installation, Music & Food Workshops

Art Depth's 5th Annual 

Meeting Spot(s): Throughout the Farm and N. Cleavland Street


  • Featured Artists will be creating live and/or displaying work as inspiration

  • All guests are welcome to use Art Depth's materials (while supplies last), compliments of Blick Art Supply on Kingsbury in Lincoln Park and the Resource Center (City Farm).  We will have paper and colored pencils, as well as paints and salvaged wood, thanks to Blick Art Supply and The Resource Center

  • A "living installation" with Brigid Ko's upcycled inner-tube clothes, a Casa Couture desk (which you could take home!) and more - providing a platform from which guests may draw inspiration from.

  • Live musical performances:   1-1:30pm BOWL OF DUST   |  1:45-2:15pm  ANNA SOLTYS  |  2:30-3pm  PASTEL FRACTEL   |  3:15-3:45pm  RIVER VALLEY RANGERS) - click here to find out band lineup and more!

  • Art Depth's resident DJ ROMASOUL will grace the sound space throughout the event with select music to inspire all.

  • All guests are invited to contribute to a mixed-media, collaborative piece

  • A special invitation will be made to any artists present.  All may submit work made on and/or inspired by this day for inclusion into the city-wide exhibit - "Sustainable Vows Show" - to take place in October.







11am - 11:30am

Artist Jyl Bonaguro Presents Sustainable Tips for Artists

Preparing Your Color Pallette The Old Fashioned, More Sustainable Way

Meeting Spot: At the Outdoor Artists' Studio


All artists and art lovers are encouraged to join the talented and multi-disciplanary Bonaguro as she prepares for a day of painting at Art Depth's 5th Annual.  Jyl Bonaguro will speak about some of her techniques as well as her philosophy on creating art in a more sustainable way - tips that all artists can benefit from.  She paints using oils, as she explains how they are better for our environment, and she mulls paint by hand to eliminate the need for non eco-friendly tubes and plastic caps.






11am - 11:45am

Artist and Yoga Instructor Rachel Lechocki Leads an all-ages Yoga Class

Get centered for the day  |  Learn about Sustainability within Yoga


Immerse yourself in a grounding, lower root chakra practice and start your day out right.  Artist Rachel Lechocki will provide some insight on being more aware and creating a sustainable, healthy, happy lifestyle.  To find out more about Rachel, visit her on IG @raychelmoon or email  (donations appreciated from participants)








11am - 1:00pm

Painting with Fabric and Natures Green Art Box

With Millenna Mitchell

Sponsored by Modern Fabric

This activity invites visitors to create their own transient designs that can be photographed for saving and sharing.  Using a various assortment of pre-cut scraps of fabrics provided by Modern Fabrics, and incorporating bits of nature such as rocks, shells, and twigs, each design serves as a reminder that beauty is all around us.  Even in materials that no longer serve a purpose - which were destined for the landfill, and especially in nature's own elements and remnants of each season. 


Click here to visit our Sustainable You page, where Art Depth has curated select images by artist Faith Evans Sills.  Sills uses plant based elements and materials found in nature to create awe-inspiring imagery.








Kite Flying Workshop

With the Kite Collective and Pueblo Semilla

What does kite-making and seeds have to do with one another?  Find out here as we learn the wonderful craft of kite-making.  Then sit back and watch as your design sails to new heights.







Wild Fermentation and Live Cultures (Part 1)

With David Durstewitz & Rob Liva

A conversation about fermentation cultures both spontaneous and stable. Fermentation is a means to enhance, preserve, and rethink food, ritual, and systems. FEAT: natural sodas, veggies, and sourdough.
TWO WORKSHOPS! - First is more heavy on wild fermentation, so be sure to COME EARLY! Yes, dogs are invited (please leash).






11:30pm - 12pm

Sustainable Storytime and Coloring for kids

Sponsored by Lawyers' Committee for Better Housing

Meeting Spot: LCBH Table (located on N. Cleveland)


Festival kids are invited to gather around the LCBH Table for kids' friendly storytime - with readings on treating our Planet better, farming and recycling/re-using/renewing.  Kids can also pick up some sustainablity themed coloring pages.






12:00pm - 12:30pm

Capoeira Performance & Family Workshop

Quilombo Cultural Center & International Capoeira Foundation Chicago

Meet: At N. Cleveland Street which surrounds the farm

Enjoy a special capoeira "fight-dance" performance, followed by an all-ages workshop.  Whether you consider yourself an expert or someone looking to learn this beautiful, African-Brazilian art form,, you won't want to miss this experience - performed and taught by Chicago masters.  The Quilombo Center not only accepts students of all ages for Capoeria, but also Brazilian percussion, Hapkido as well as Iyengar Yoga. 


About Capoeira:  The fundamental African traditions and philosophies contained within the teachings of Capoeira Angola, and even more specifically, within the roda, or circle, where Capoeira is played, can build self-esteem and self-awareness of both the mind and body. Through the dynamics of the roda, individuals can discover and maximize their potentials, using them to construct a foundation built upon patience, endurance and elegance. 


To find out more, click here.






Potato Stamps!

With Eliana O'Hallaron & Carolyn McDonald

Not only will you learn how to easily grow-your-own potatoes, but you'll also find out how to make some fun potato stamps!








Enjoy an important note

If there's one thing you shouldn't miss this day, it's this!  Gather around to hear some pretty interesting news about City Farm and other efforts around the city, as well as a message from Ken Dunn, The Resource Center's founder. 






Wild Fermentation and Live Cultures (Part 2)

With David Durstewitz & Rob Liva

A conversation about fermentation cultures both spontaneous and stable. Fermentation is a means to enhance, preserve, and rethink food, ritual, and systems. FEAT: natural sodas, veggies, and sourdough.
TWO WORKSHOPS! - First is more heavy on wild fermentation, so be sure to COME EARLY! Yes, dogs are invited (please leash).







Raw Baking

With Katlin Be

Katlin will demonstrate one of the cornerstones of raw dessert making —brownies. She'll talk raw preparation basics, and how to use the same idea to prepare other desserts and superfood snacks. Conversation on raw treats and other vegan/gluten free food prep to follow!
MAX 20 PPL      Come for a recipes and a bite to eat~






DIY - Basics of Cookie Jar Instruments

With Brennan Henry and Jon Asta

(Max Capacity: 6)

A workshop based on transforming common household items into musical instruments.  Focusing on the cookie jar, you'll be amazed at what can be created by using simple construction techniques.  (Note: Due to limited amount of materials, a total of 6 people are able to attend this workshop, so don't be late!)








All-Ages Craft Table - CD Windchimes

With Ellen Gradman of Spark Your Art

Meeting Spot: At the All-ages Craft Table


All are invited to join artist and educator Ellen Gradman as she shows guests how to create spectacular CD Windchimes!  We'll have plenty of CDs onhand, but since supplies are limited we recommend bringing several of your own old CDs to recycle / re-use / renew.  These works of art will not only welcome each summer breeze but will serve as a reminder of this inspirational day at the farm - reminding us all to consume less, and to re-use when possible. 











CD Windchimes (Photo credit: Ellen Gradman)

Quilumbo Center members "fight-dancing" - Capoeira in action.  (Photo property of Quilumbo Cultural Center)

SUSTAINABLE VOWS  (Art, Sustainability & Urban Farming Fest)



1204 N. Clybourn 

(the corner of Division and Clybourn)

Enter the fest at Clybourn and N. Cleveland Street.

EVENT HOURS: 11am - 4pm

Suggested Donation: $10  |  Free for Art Depth Members


Scroll down for detailed listings.  



Artist and Yogi Rachel Lechocki

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