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If you'd like to view Featured Aritsts of the prior year, click here.

Announcing Featured Artists of 2016, whose works, words and wisdom will be exhibited and shared at Art Depth's 7th Annual.  These talented individuals are multi-disciplinary artists with styles as varied as the mediums they use , yet one common thread which is apparent in their current work is the concept of "change".


To learn more about this year's Featured Artists, scroll over the drop-down menu up-top to be taken to their profile pages, or click below.

Featured Artists:

Gaby Abboud

Philip Clark

Damien James

Sally Jungblut

Andrew Rehs

Anna Soltys

Also featuring new work by...

Rachel Lechocki (2015 Featured Artist)

Robert Stevenson (2014 Featured Artist)
Cheryl Postrozny (Art Depth Founder)

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